Monday, 30 March 2015


Suenel Bruwer-Holloway

In the beginning there were no fences

And we kept it like that. Intentionally.

Who would have thought such naïve

goodwill gestures would make me believe

(seeing is after all) in the possibility of angels:

A toddler serving lunch on a leaf,

a first devastating romantic grief,

wounds dressed with equal earnest imaginings,

whether inflicted by knights, parents’ fights,

skateboard landings, misunderstandings.

Willing, wry humour with tenderness meets

rap and menopause all because all unaware we

harboured angels, we’ve come to see here,

right here in this ordinary place.

From: McGregor Poetry Anthology 2013
Published by African Sun Press in association with the McGregor Poetry Festival
ISBN number 978-0-620-62302-5

The Poet:

Suenel Bruwer-Holloway lives in McGregor. Her plays have been performed at the Grahamstown Festival, in Britain and America. Her satire Cry Sis! Identity was published by Junkets in the Short, Sharp and Snappy Series. She raises children, cooks vast meals, walks dogs, teaches, does laundry, writes and gardens every day.

Previously published:

Suenel Bruwer-Holloway: Neighbours from The Ground’s Ear published by Quickfox, Cape Town, 2011. Hardcover ISBN 978-1-920-52619-1. Softcover ISBN 978-0-620-51665-5.