2016 Poets


Koos van der Merwe
Hoekom dan gedigte? (Saterdag 27 Augustus)

Hoekom iets met ‘n gedig wil sê? As jy dan kan e-pos, tweet, sms of gewoon net kan praat, hoekom ...   read more

Stephen Symons
Title of the presentation: Questions for the Sea

Stephen will be reading a selection of poems from his debut collection Questions for the Sea ... read more

Margaret Clough and Stephanie Saunders
"It's Being so Cheerful..."

A Selection of Light Verse. The subject matter ranges from Ghostly apparitions, unexpected ... read more 

Laverne Schwimmbacher 
Pathways of Inspiration 

My Pathways of Inspiration will take you through life inspired poetry of joy, sadness, hurt ... read more

Diana Ferrus
en die Mengelmoesdigters 

Ons aanbieding sal in drie tale wees, een digter skryf in Venda. Ons sal gedigte oor verskillende onderwerpe ... read more

Christine Coates 
“A WAY OF LIFE – poetry of pilgrimage”

I am putting together a new collection of poetry called “A WAY OF LIFE – poetry of ... read more

Robin Winckel-Mellish 
Etchings in dust 

Etchings in Dust explores what we feel using the great treasure of memory. “Lodged in our skins in the folds ...  read more

Graham Dukas

Graham Dukas is a business consultant, corporate coach and part-time teaching assistant at UCT’s School of Architecture. His poetry explores ...  read more

Patricia Schonstein

A. Using poetry as quill and ink in the construction of my fictions ...  read more

Marguerite (Osler) van der Merwe 
Poetry Of The Body 

In Praise of the miraculous human body – the poetry of our Poise & Presence ... read more

Mavis Vermaak 
Death Poems 

Mavis Vermaak takes her audience on a sonic journey, exploring, through the words of beloved poets, the beautiful mystery ... read more

Dan Wylie
Fathers and elephants 

Dan Wylie reads from two volumes of poetry: Sailor: Poems for my father, and Slow Fires ... read more

Harry Owen 

1. The Music of Ourselves: a reading of my own poetry
2. The Playfulness of Poetry: a personal exploration ...  read more

Jana du Plessis & Dayna Petersen
Women Who Cry Out: ’n Gesprek tussen Twee Verkose Vrouens

In 2015, Jana du Plessis published an essay entitled ... read more

Nick Mulgrew

“biography” is a one-poem, 30-minute performance, with verses interspersed with original guitar ... read more

Shirmoney Rhode 
Nomme 20 Delphi Straat 

‘n Voorlesing uit die debuut digbundel, nomme 20 Delphi straat, deur Shirmoney Rhode ... read more


uHlanga Press showcases their new and upcoming books, with appearances and readings from  read more

Lerato Sibanda 
Dreamer in Wander Land 

Dreamer in Wander Land is an emotive hodge-podge of poetry, song in acapella and narration written ...  read more

Dorian Haarhoff
Balancing on the Reaper’s Blade 

I am washed...in the river of earthly delight (Mary Oliver)
We share poems that dance on the blade ... read more

Mary Murphy 
Dying of Love, Voices of the Unrequited 

Someone once said that if you love someone and that love is not returned, then it is not love ...  read more

Kobus Moolman

Kobus Moolman is the author of seven collections of poetry, and several plays. He has previously won the  read more

Ernie Mellet 
Werkswinkel vir Amateurdigters

Aangebied deur ERNIE MELLET, Hoofraadgewer van die Amateur Skrywers Bond wat op die oomblik  ... read more

UWC Poets

“Tasting words on the tongue”: Voices from the University of the Western Cape’s Creative Writing Masters Programme ... read more

Louise Westerhout

"Blood and Snow: poems of Loss, Longing and Love" is a collection written in an attempt to understand her own experience ...  read more

Mothertongue Youth Theatre Company
Umhlaba: in die Skoot van die Aarde

A multi-lingual (Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa) offering that blends poetry, music and physical theatre ... read more

Sally-Ann Murray

‘To intimate’ entails lovely contradictions: 1.to make known publicly ie ... read more

Makgathi Mokwena
Pilgrim In Heels

The session is a contemplative, poetic musing on a flawed modern woman’s often-foiled journey ... read more

Lingua Franca Spoken Word Movement
Umzila ka Moya (Spirit's Path)

“Umzila ka Moya” takes audiences on a journey through the complexities, difficulties and beauty ... read more

Elisa Galgut
The Attribute of Poetry

Elisa will read a selection of poems from The Attribute of Poetry (Modjaji); the collection earned ... read more

Khadija Tracey Heeger

Most of the poems are about histories that are either erased or smudged by perspective and deliberate ...  read more

Lara Kirsten
mond: asemrowende spelonk
“Performance art meets performance poetry”
Na die laaste twee jaar se voorlees by die McGregor Poetry Festival, keer Lara hierdie ... read more

Claire Trévien 
Shipwrecks and citywrecks 

Whether the submerged mythical city of Atlantis, or the wreck of the Titanic, the sea as a devourer ... read more

The Next Step Dance Company & First Step Ballet
Africa in Motion 
The Next Step Dance Company & First Step Ballet, McGregor will enthrall you with their powerful poetry and dance ... read more

The Reverend Bob Commin and Jane Dean 
A Storytellers, Poets and Writers Eucharist.
All the world’s a stage.
A Meditation on the Poetry of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi
 ... read more

Daniel Hugo 
en die kwatryn

Die kwatrynvorm het besonder gewild geraak in die Westerse wêreld ná die verskyning in 1859 ... read more

Rustum Kozain
Poetry Reading

Rustum Kozain will read a selection of published and unpublished poetry.
...  read more

Jo Nowicki and Mike Kamstra
Around Paul Kruger’s Table

- Three stooges steal nothing ... story from a past resident ...  read more

4 Voices
Shakespeare as you like it

In this, the 400 year anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, we take a look at our journey from ... read more

Justin Fox
A Travelling Life

Join Justin on a series of recent journeys with words across America, Europe and into little-known ... read more

Mak Manaka
The Stage Inside My Page

The Stage Inside My Page is a 30minute presentation of naked expressions with a 10minute paper ... read more

Flora Barrow and David Magner
Ariel meets Crow

Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath are two of the greatest poetic voices to emerge from the 20th Century ... read more

Adré Marshall and Geoff Haresnape
Poems of the Third Age

Adré and Geoff will read a selection of their poems, which not only ... read more

Francois Kriel

Kinky Kietsie is n versameling eerlike gedigte uit die dagboek van n verbitterde misantroop ... read more

Dirk Hattingh 
Natuur en kultuur in gesprek

Gedigte oor die natuur is die verwondering van die digter se emosies oor die natuur ... read more

Vangile Gantsho

Audre Lorde once said: I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgence ... read more

Archie Swanson
Poetry is irrelevant – I protest! 

In my presentation I take participants on a journey through 8 of my poems spanning ... read more

Margot Luyt
Voordat ek inslaap …

Poësie voer my dikwels so ver weg dat my eie angs, verlange en melancholie verflou ... read more

Francois le Roux and Joke Debaere
The HA! of Music and Words

The HA!Man with his trademark spontaneous cello, keyboard and electronic accompaniments ... read more

Gaireyah Fredericks 
Kaaps is Hollands 

Opwindend, humoristies, skerp en kragtig. Met oeroue tradisie van storievertel om die ghellieblik ... read more

Athol Williams
Bumper Cars

I will combine live poetry reading from my latest book, Bumper Cars, with poem-videos which ... read more

Galeo Saintz
1.Of Wild, Walking and Wondering
2.Walking with Questions
Walking in nature unlocks the wild poet in all of us. Join Galeo Saintz for a slow walk  ... read more

Helen Moffett
Home: More than just a place

“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, 
They have to take you in.” – Robert Frost ... read more

James Matthews
A Poetry Reading

“For me, when you work you must take advantage of what you could use for the benefit ... read more

Jos Koetsier
Poets between War and Reconciliation

The war in the Ukraine is daily news. This Russian Ukrainian conflict conceals the many attempts ... read more

Pleached Poetry 
How to Hone a Poem

(Lise Day, Elaine Edwards, Michael Keeling, Pamela Newham, Angela Prew, Cornelia Rohde, Elizabeth Trew, Annette Snyckers ... read more

Willem Fransman Jr
Prettige Poësie met ‘n Ploffende Ploert!

In hierdie hupspot-aanbieding van gedigte vat Fransman die luisteraar ... read more

Vanessa Herman
Crushed Velvet: 

(Venus Envy and Her Placement and Displacement.) ... read more

Hugh Hodge
I'm a Baby Boomer brat. I was born in 1946 on Nelson Mandela’s 28th birthday (my closest brush with fame) at Tavistock in Devon, England ... read more

Annerie Peterson en Alison Els
Deur die spieël van jouself/ Through the looking glass of yourself 

Hierdie aanbieding bestaan uit 4 afrikaanse en 4 engelse gedigte wat voorgelees en bespreek... read more

Hermien de Vos as
Hermina bamboesina 

 Hermien de Vos het drama studeer ... read more

Frank Malaba
Poetry Reading

In February 2014, I released a compilation of poetry that celebrates love and ... read more


Three themes: (a) change (b) journeys through pain and (c) creating beauty;
Three poets: Frank Meintjies, Lisa Combrinck and Barbara Schreiner ...   read more

Ashley Dowds
'Shaman's Pilgrimage'

Taking Pippa Skotnes' digitized archives of the /Xam as initial inspiration ...   read more