Thursday, 16 April 2015

McGregor Poetry Festival 2015 Poster

We are deeply indebted to our treasured local artist, Edna Fourie, for designing our stunning logo and festival posters! 

Take a look at the inspiration behind her designs and click on the link to read more about this very talented lady!

2015 POSTER : McGregor Poetry Festival

The symbolism of the design by Edna Fourie [artist] 

Poets take the words we use in everyday life and turn them into something magical – poems. Through this act of alchemy they sprinkle some ‘stardust’ over our daily lives.

McGregor in winter exchanges the ‘frock-of-a-thousand-roses’ of spring and summer for the star-studded cloak of our magnificent night skies.

The poster design for McGregor Poetry Festival 2015 celebrates both of the above. 

The Poetry tree has lost its leaves but not it’s magic. With the beautiful bare branches etched against the star-studded sky it connects us to the bigger cosmos. Like the poets, the tree reminds us of the broader and deeper picture of life.

The entire blue background symbolises the ‘cloak’. And if you study the poster carefully you might just be lucky enough to see the stardust floating down in the blue background!

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