Friday, 4 September 2015

to the McGregor community

On behalf of our committee I would like to thank all the villagers who so generously came on board to assist us with the McGregor Poetry Festival. I do appreciate your assistance whether it was offering accommodation to the poets, helping out at the venues, providing food for the poets or being great ambassadors for McGregor - which you all were.

The poets delighted in the festival and all want to return. This was our third festival and I am happy to say that the media coverage we received was stupendous. It certainly seems that the event is here to stay. Of course we learn as we go along and are grateful for the feedback we have received. It encourages us to keep the faith and to improve.

I would like to share what singer/poet Gert Vlok Nel shared with me yesterday.

‘Thank you to all of you for creating the Poetry Festival. It is a warm thing in a cold world’

My gratitude and appreciation to all of you.


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