The Reverend Bob Commin

The Reverend Bob Commin

Presentation 1: 
A Storytellers, Poets and Writers Eucharist 

With participation from readers, storytellers, poets, and the local community. The collection taken will support a town project. 

Presentation 2: 
All the world’s a stage: readings and reflections on the plays of Shakespeare 

Celebrating four hundred years of Shakespeare, we honour the bard in a selection of readings from his plays. Poignant moments of joy, jealousy, love, hate, passions, despair and hope. 

Presentation 3: 
A Meditation on the Poetry of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, and Gerhard Manley Hopkins 

I have created a meditation from the poetry of these two well- known mystical poets, the one Sufi, the other Christian. One writing in the 13th Century, the other a Jesuit in the 19th century. Both rejoice in the outward and the inward journey of life. Both bring us to the still point of the turning world. 

Bob Commin is a poet, priest, storyteller and life-coach. He grew up in Woodstock, Cape Town and acquired degrees at UCT and University of South Africa. He has grown into his work through pastoral care in the Western Cape, and England, and has taught at Loretto school in Scotland, at Bishops and Herschel Girls School, Cape Town. He has run workshops on Creativity, Storytelling and Poetry. He and Dorian Haarhoff, writer and storyteller ran a very successful poetry e-mail course. Bob has also developed a poetry course for teenagers, and runs creativity courses for young people. He has the following publications: From a Still Point (Meditations), Someone Dreaming Us (Poetry), Becoming Human (Poetry), Meditations on the way of the Cross, and Under the IIex tree. He also plays Grand Master's hockey for South Africa. 

Bob Commin and Jane Dean, a father daughter team. Jane has a Master’s degree in English, is an artist, an illustrator, an A ccapello singer, a wife and mother of two children.