Patricia Schonstein

Patricia Schonstein


A. Using poetry as quill and ink in the construction of my fictions
Patricia Schonstein will read the poetry imbedded in her novels; and illustrate how poetry allows for the exploration of deep sentiment within these works of fiction 

B. Stanzas, the new poetry quarterly, affirms that poetry is alive and well
Patricia Schonstein will read a selection of poems from the first four issues of this quarterly of new poems 

C. Celebrating the third McGregor Poetry Festival Anthology 
Patricia Schonstein, along with contributing poets, will launch this, the Festival’s third anthology 

Patricia Schonstein is an internationally published novelist and poet whose works are endorsed by Nobel Laureates JM Coetzee and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. She curates the Africa! Anthologies; the McGregor Anthologies; and co-edits, with Douglas Reid Skinner, the poetry quarterly, Stanzas. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from UCT.