2015 Tickets

Tickets are sold at Computicket unless indicated otherwise in the programme. Tickets can also be purchased (cash only) at the venue if space is still available.
Have a look also at our progrmme grid for easily choose your events. 

Ticket sale options:

1. Computicket website

   Payment by credit card. Tickets can be printed at home or collected at any

   Shoprite/Checkers or from the McGregor Festival Office (number (1) in the Poetry Festival Map)

2. At Computicket in any Shoprite/Checkers/McGregor Festival Office  (number (1) in the Poetry Festival Map)
    Payment by cash or credit card

3. Telephonically: Contact Madie 023 625 1871 (9am to 4pm). Payment by credit card or

    EFT. Tickets to be collected from McGregor Festival Office 

4. De Akker Fringe Events: available at the door / pre-booked by contacting: 
    info@mcgregorpoetryfestival.co.za / 023 625 1908 / 084 675 1164

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