Galeo Saintz

Galeo Saintz

1. Of Wild, Walking and Wondering

Walking in nature unlocks the wild poet in all of us. Join Galeo Saintz for a slow walk and listen to a series of nature poems caught while walking in such wild places as the high Himalaya and Patagonia, the Cape’s lesser known mountains and Africa’s southern forests.

2. Walking with Questions

Over a period of months a challenge was set to each day catch one poem, one insight and one question, as an exercise in forced creativity. Walking is a way to find words. Poetry is a tool for learning to turn the questions of our lives. Collaborative walk and poetry exploration.

Galeo works for nature, peace and trails through multiple non-profit initiatives across the world, holding leadership positions and supporting multiple innovative projects focused on impact for good. Chair of the Swiss-based World Trails Network, chair and co-founder of the Rim of Africa Foundation, founder at Wild Peace Alliance, and an all-round creative rogue, wanderer and wonderer. He continues to work on his first collection of poems: Of Wild, Walking and Wondering.